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We used to get a Ports subjec

  • And who should I buy w/o hesitation, and OSRS gold that should I avoid at all times? Last, Rerolls: If I always use up all of my re-rolls every single day? When should I use my Captain re-rolls? Thanks a Lot! I know I did ask a lot of questions, but I love every answer I receive.

    We used to get a Ports subject, but people stopped posting in it and it got buried under other subjects. It is somewhere in the RuneScape General Section, it might have answers to a few of your queries from members much better than me when it comes to PoP. First off, the boats: What if I prioritize updating?

    Personally I get the deck items first because there's just two. So when you wish to do a Seafaring voyage for instance, it's a lot more useful to have 2 Seafaring boosting deck items than only the bonus that the hull provides. Some people will assert the rudder is better because it'll help save you time letting you perform more voyages/day, I can't argue against it but I've always done vents in a much more relaxed compared to efficient manner so I always get rudder past.

    Then, the vents themselves: What is well worth updating? I've noticed the majority of the updates are reasonably expensive. I have been trying to upgrade my office to unlock a 3rd boat, but it is so dreadfully slow to collect bamboo. Well ideally you should prioritize the upgrades that unlock new ships for obvious reasons, and that means you are doing this right. I believe all upgrades are worth getting (except in the instances you have more than just one, you can unlock them but you can only have one active at precisely the same time so select wisely).

    About the team I basically have 4'bureaucrat' (well the perfect is getting the best ones available to you at the timeI can't remember the names of some others therefore why I used bureaucrat - basically the team member that boosts the stats of cheap RuneScape gold other crew members) crew members; And afterward 4 Morale, 5 Seafaring and 4 Combat team members; 3 Merchants; 4 particular team members (the ones who get unlocked via special voyages like the Feral Chimera)