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Animal Crossing Making Snowman 1-5

  • Animal crossing is the same season as the real world. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the snowy season. This means that you can build a Snowboy, making a snowman is very interesting, it can pass the time and gain happiness. Every Snowboy has a lifespan. It is important to cherish the time with Snowboy and spend every day. After creating a snowman, you can also buy ACNH Gold and ACNH bells from the ACBellsBuy store to better decorate the snowman. The snowman is a new vision version of the snowman and can be built throughout the snow season.

    Snowmen are very cute. You can build them in the snow. To build a perfect Snowboy, you need to collect all Snowboy materials. The materials are ordinary snowflakes and large snowflakes. After creating the perfect snowman, you can also get rewards. The reward is a frozen DIY recipe. When Snowboy exists every day, you will receive big snowflakes, which will help you turn the house into a house.

    The Perfect Snowman is the only snowman that will reward you with DIY recipes from frozen suits and big snowflakes. To build a Snowboy, you must first find two snowballs. Usually, there are dung beetles near the two snowballs that are close to each other because they like to snowball for you on the island. You can even catch the dung while doing this. beetle. Find the snowflakes and roll them on the ground until each snowball is big enough. If the size is just right, you will create a perfect Snowboy.