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Depends how you utilize the platform

  • And then they start dropping all these microaggressions and Animal Crossing Bells casual racist suppositions to the conversation until the Space Buns controversy is in fact a binary battle between racists and everybody else.I can not even put in words how fucking dumb this is. What is with the rapid decline of reasonable individuals on twitter at the last few years?

    See? The SJWs are from control!!" .

    Depends how you utilize the platform. I have lists of muted phrases and I run blockchains which filter out 95 percent of the bad content, and I run a Chrome extension to conceal the trending topics. You receive the occasional twat however my corner is comparatively sane.I wanna say you are correct, but Twitter keeps losing its mind over the exact same discourse that Tumblr previously had 5 years ago as though it's brand new, so I really don't know if it's the Tumblr refugees...

    It's mainly the young, early teenaged biproducts of men and women who transferred from Tumblr. You can usually tell who has essentially been increased by stan Twitter.The way Twitter is constructed is also to Nook Miles Ticket For Sale blame . The site U.I punish neuance and complexity, and how messeges propagate rewards extreme opinions and anger causing tweets.