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I had been helping a buddy and created about 5m from it

  • Back in Barrows, while items on OSRS gold average may be 700k/piece or some thing, you're also raking in a fair bit of cash from runes. My final barrows series, I got about 6M value in barrows gear. Then I looked at my runes, and those were a few 2.5M. Thus you are always making profit, whereas with Glacors it is extremely easy to lose money till you get a boot drop or sufficient shards for an Armadyl Battlestaff.

    Your decision, I personally like Barrows because it is easier. Other gold? Really, Barrows is the sole semi-rewarding, non-mind-numbing activity that offers a fairly certain income. I recommend that over most other stuff. Otherwise I'd work towards quests as far as possible.

    Only made the accounts, took so long since I had been helping a buddy and created about 5m from it. I will try and move the money via fall trading, but I am not sure whether it's going to allow me. Because I don't have some irl friends that play, I will take my chances with someone on the internet to assist me xfer the cash.

    1st I'll be doing pray and a few tiny quests. I intend on buy RS gold using big bones since they are not terribly expensive and relatively speedy xp. If anybody has a better option, I would love to know. After doing some research, my stats will be... Constitution = xx (whatever it ends up being is nice. Not sure if I need to attempt to keep it low by using a cannon or not.