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They are then allowed to set off to anywhere

  • Fundamentally, groups of 2-20 players can get together (people too slow to RuneScape Mobile gold get into the group wait 15 minutes for another one), every put an equal bet (different amounts of money will likely be required depending on how many macrokilling games they've won, and a pop-up will reveal to you how many folks wanting to play the minigame are in each world so you can enter a team quickly) and they will each receive a stick.

    They are then allowed to set off to anywhere in runescape to prod gamers, hopefully getting themselves a macro (if you do not know what a macro is, it is an illegal bot playing the sport for Oriental slaves to get money for their dieing families). Players can be prod by only 1 person from the group per game, so normal players have roughly a one into a thousand chance of being targeted by people playing the game (people playing the game to annoy get restrictions - see below).

    When a participant prods another player using the prod stick, that participant receives a random letter puzzle with shifting shapes and different sizes which they can form through in about 20 seconds if their fast. If they don't respond within 1 minute, and complete the puzzle (if they log out, even when they log in they will obtain another puzzle) then they're then shocked and automatically are delivered into some giant cave where they have to complete a string of random jobs which no macro or cheap OSRS gold dumb player could do.