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Madden 21: X-Factor Abilities For 6 Elite QBs

  • Last year, in an attempt to make the NFL’s star players stand out, EA introduced X-Factor abilities into Madden 20. X-Factor abilities are built to reflect authentic skills and characteristics these athletes display in the real-life NFL. They allow players to strategically earn and re-create moments where our favorite NFL superstars get into 'the zone' and become very difficult to stop.
    Only the league’s elite players were designated as “X-Factors” and, as such, received special in-game abilities that could be activated by meeting a conditional. Triggering the condition would unlock the ability, granting the player a special boost to the game's specific area. Over 50 X-Factor abilities will once again be returning in Madden 21, with some new and some updated abilities for players.
    Kicking things off, EA focused on the X-Factor abilities for the league’s top quarterbacks. So in this article, we are looking at X-Factor Abilities For 6 Elite QBs first of all.
    Patrick Mahomes – Bazooka
    Patrick Mahomes, the best-rated quarterback in Madden 21 with a 99 overall, possesses the Bazooka ability. As if he needed to be any more elite but there’s no arguing he deserves this. Bazooka provides an increase to his throwing distance when he is in the zone and is activated by completing a 30-plus yard pass.
    Russell Wilson – Blitz Radar
    There’s no doubt that Russell Wilson is a magician in the pocket. Blink and you’ll miss him sprinting upfield for a big gain. Wilson’s Blitz Radar ability will highlight all blitzing linebackers and defensive backs after the snap when he enters the zone. It’s activated by achieving three scrambles of 10-plus yards and removed if he takes two sacks.
    Tom Brady and Drew Brees – Pro Reads
    For great quarterbacks, vision and anticipating are paramount. When they enter the zone, their first open receiver is highlighted and they ignore defensive pressure. EA opted to give both Tom Brady and Drew Brees the Pro Reads ability. Pro Reads is triggered by completing three consecutive completions of five-plus yards which is right in their wheelhouse. They are knocked out of the zone by taking a sack. Overall, this is very reflective of the type of both Brady’s and Brees’s playstyle. Both have a knack for finding the open receiver quickly and getting rid of the ball before the pressure gets to them.
    Lamar Jackson – Truzz
    Madden 21 cover athlete Lamar Jackson will have a unique X-Factor ability in Madden 21 called “Truzz.” This prevents him from fumbling when in the zone. This is perfect for a player like Jackson who has an innate ability to run with the ball and make plays with his feet. It seems pretty easy for Jackson to enter the zone; he only needs five one-plus yard runs. It seems this ability is designed to focus on Jackson’s ability to run the ball which makes sense considering he’s so darn good at it. With this ability, you can do so freely without fear of fumbling on a big hit.
    Aaron Rodgers – Gambler
    Aaron Rodgers may not have gotten love in the overall rating department, but at least he possesses an X-Factor ability. As a Gambler, Rodgers’ faster passes can’t be intercepted by AI defenders, which reflects his ability to make some insane throws that somehow don’t wind up in the hands of defenders in real life. Rodgers can enter the zone by completing three consecutive passes of five-plus yards and is knocked out by throwing two incompletions.
    Simply put, X-Factor abilities are incredibly important in Madden 21. If you have effective abilities and know how to use them, you can frustrate any opponent.
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