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Redeem Nook Points for rewards

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons has new things added. Nook Points will be rewarded for players to log in to the game daily, providing players with the opportunity to earn in-game items. In addition to the previous currencies ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, Nook Points will become another way to obtain items.

    Now, in an effort to regain fascination with New Horizons with fans, Nintendo has added a whole new feature inside the Nintendo Switch Online app that's in-game rewards. Previously, apart from uploading clothing and path designs to Animal Crossing, the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app didn't influence gameplay much. Starting today, players can sign in to the app and collect Nook Points.

    Ten Nook Points might be collected with the app each and every day, and they are usually redeemed for in-game items via Nook Link, exactly the same program allowing players to scan designs and upload these phones to their games. The redeemable in-game items currently include Nook Inc. items say for example a poster featuring Tom Nook, a doorplate, a selective Aloha-edition Switch carry bag, a graphic of Timmy and Tommy, an image of Tom Nook, and an image of Isabelle. Aside from trading with players, the sole method to receive them to using the new Nook Points system.

    Players will also gain various Nook Points bonuses, similar to the Nook Mile bonuses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which earns rewards for instance double the variety of Nook Points when checking set for the day. It's possible these bonuses could increase to around 30 or 40 points every day, orgasm is currently unclear if some type of log-in streak is involved.

    While these New Horizons items aren't extreme fun, hopefully, more exclusive and attractive items will probably be added down the line to give players much more of a reason to make use of the Nook Points system. Under the "Redemption History" tab of Nook Link, players can watch the past 100 items they've ordered through this technique, meaning more items might be added after some time.

    Many specific contents of the Nook Points system are not clear enough, but the introduction of this mechanism will strengthen the viscosity of the game. Some special items are added to this system, allowing players to participate. It may not be straightforward for players who obtain items through Buy Animal Crossing Bells.