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Once you select which kind of mercenarys | RSorder.com

  • That is a new idea I got.You have to get to some pub/bar/tavern and speak to the bartender.He would then inform you that some group of adventurers had came from a different city and was searching to OSRS Gold get work.You would then state if you could possibly hire them.Then a menu would pop up in which you can select what type of mercenary you want to employ,a warrior,ranger or mage.

    Once you select which kind of mercenarys that you would like to employ,you would be directed to a screen where there are pictures of the type of mercenarys you would likte to hire.They would show their name,their lvl and their equipment.The stronger the adventurer,the more expensive is their wages.

    After you've verified you employment,you need to see your mercenary behind you following you.You could right-click the mercenary and then select attack target.Your cursor will change to a crosshair then you may choose what creature you want your mercenary to fight.He would accompany your commands obediently.They can reply to simple questions such as'how are you' or'is your weapon any good' or'hows your household' and many more.

    The mercenary would follow you around all day till you dismiss him and he will go back to the bar/pub/tavern at which you hired him and stay there until you come back for him.Or you can fire him and he would go back to where you hired him and then you can hire new ones.

    It's nothing like Pouch Making (Summoning), aside from Cheap RuneScape Gold the fact they aid you in battle! I believe that it's a fantastic idea. Also, I think you should add different positions of each mercenary. Like, rank 1 uses and wears bronze, and needs so much per fight, position 2 wears/uses iron, and needs so much more, and so on.