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  • and a irritating one for its very vocal community. A 2GB patch dropped ultimate night, however, which Buy Animal Crossing Items stamps out bugs and tackles a number of the animation and performance troubles that have lingered after the transfer from beta to release variations. It won;t appease...
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I then ran a quick test to see how greedy RuneScapeF2P is


    Today, I went through my bank to OSRS Gold see if there were any items I could offer for sale. I found some Bronze/Iron Armor that I could not request, as it would have a very low value.

    I then ran a quick test to see how greedy RuneScapeF2P is. I dropped an Iron Med headgear just in front of the crowd. I waited for it to appear to the other players and then, just as I was expecting 10 players ran out of my group to grab it.

    I was dumbfounded. A few of the horde were wearing adamant and rune armor, too! I was shocked by the fact that people would scramble for an item that was only worth 55gp. I bought an inventory to train in combat, and I had only a few gp remaining from the 3k that I took from my account. So I decided to drop it to see what happened. Like I had hoped, more people scrambled my $20gp I dropped.

    This has diminished my previously low opinions about certain fellow F2Pers but not those who are on this forum! even more. It is amazing that people are so desperate for more money or items, they will do such things. I am more annoyed than the people standing in front of the GRAND EXCHANGE ranting about of how poor they are.

    All they have to do is extract copper in their inventory and then sell it, and they'll have 2k cash in their pockets, that's enough for a beginner player. Are you familiar with the methods I did? Do you have any experience to share...

    Here is some information on each type of armor prior to Old School RS Gold posting. This article might be of interest to you.