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And lets admit it, the most important questions

  • And lets admit it, the most important questions I get asked during my training sessions is "whats your current level of skill?" Since I love talking to my clan in chat rooms I rarely engage in conversation with OSRS Gold people. Here I am practicing my skill silently as a mouse.

    After awhile of people trying to find out what my proficiency level is, they arrive at the assumption that I am a bot, since I am not talking. They file a complaint and I get sexually assaulted and sometimes really good. However, they don't stop me from learning my skills.

    I'm not marking, therefore I'm not subject to any punishment. However, I have the impression that there's just too much fear about the whole marcoing issue, and Jagex is moving the train too fast to make it any good. Jagex's site includes an Anti Marcoing ad everywhere. There's also a blog on the reporting of Bots.

    The public has believed that everyone who doesn't answer their dumb questions is an automated bot. While macroing is inherently a problem but why do we invest so much effort into solving one problem? There are a myriad of other problems out there that need to be solved as well. You can think of fraud, players who are offensive and numerous other issues. Jagex has caused a lot of anxiety.

    In truth, this is a lot like the whole terror fear that is created by media and in the government. While it may be happening, it does not occur every day. There are bigger and more serious issues exist. However, in the Neo-Con theory from Carl Schmitt, you have to be able to project an image of the enemy to be an effective society. Jagex wants to Cheap RS3 Gold encourage honest communication among players in the community. Perhaps it is trying to harm players by making them believe that the enemies of the game are those with their open chat. I don't support it but it is too to late.