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  • release. These four versions range in cost from $45 to $140. Each accompanies a EFT Roubles large number of rewards and advantages to use in the game, however what are the variant contrasts and how would you choose which one to get? Furthermore, will Tarkov in the end have other sticker prices ...
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Maintenance Of Dth Hammer

  •    Of course, drilling engineering uses professional mechanical equipment, that is, DTH Hammer, so when we use water well drilling rigs, don’t forget to maintain them. What should we pay attention to?
    Always pay attention to check the lubricating oil of the wind motor, check the water and gas pipelines, whether the bolts and nuts of the various parts of the drilling rig are firm, when the working surface is immersed in water, use a large diameter drill bit when opening the hole. Insert the drill pipe so that the drill pipe is exposed to the surface of the water for 1-2 meters to prevent mud and slag from falling into the hole. The water well drilling rig is not allowed to reverse during drilling operations to prevent the drill pipe from falling into the hole. The water well drilling rig will not fall into the hole in a short time. When stopping the work inside, give a small amount of air pressure to prevent mud and sand from entering the inside of the drilling rig impactor. If the drilling rig is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2 meters away from the bottom of the hole to fix it. Pay attention to the impactor when working. If abnormal sounds and phenomena are found, stop the machine immediately and conduct inspections in time.
       I hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone. Of course, if you need DTH Bit, please contact us.