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Gameday Momentum will now add the momentum meter

  • Gameday Momentum will now add the momentum meter for Mut 22 coins both home and away teams. This will allow them to unlock special abilities known as M-Factors during gameplay. This will allow Madden's game-to-game experience much more enjoyable. Like X-Factor, which gives certain players more abilities and abilities, M-Factors can alter the overall experience by giving players abilities like making non-checkdown receivers more difficult to spot or allowing players to have unlimitless stamina as they hold the momentum. These capabilities extend to keeping the kicker in an unfrozen state or making receiver icons disappear, or rendering hot routes harder to run. Each game will see both home and away teams compete for momentum. However, home teams will have the advantage of home field advantage due to possessing an extra M-Factor which can only be used in their specific stadium. This M-Factor would be the first to be unlocked by the home team and will offer them a range of abilities, including field goals becoming significantly harder in the Windy City or The Twelves making the passing routes difficult to see, something that numerous players will be familiar with from NCAA Football games.

    Next Gen Stats Star-Drive AI is expected to add real-world tendencies of players, such as how quickly a quarterback typically completes throws. Thus, when Big Ben was averaging a league-leading 2.29 time to buy Madden 22 coins throw in 2020, his virtual counterpart will function the same way. Another thing to consider is that players tend to throw in a hurry for players who can force the passing or make choices when under stress. If Aaron Rodgers is playing in Madden 22, his Madden 22 counterpart is not likely to throw picks. Ball-carriers could also emulate their behavior in real life, such as breaking tackles or evading tackles , as well as having a tendency to turn or juke.