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  • Amazon is releasing Lost Ark early this year, which is a great option if you've been bored lately and are looking for a new game. In fact, many players in Europe and the United States are very much looking forward to the release of this game, because this MMORPG from South Korea was released as earl...
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Is There Going To Be A Trial Version Of NBA 2K22 This Year?

  • 2K Games has released the official FAQ for its game NBA 2k22.  Is there going to be a trial version of NBA 2K22 this year? No. Despite the fact that the trial version is part of the regular content of the NBA 2K release, we have decided not to release the trial version this year in order to concentrate on developing fully functional games for this generation and previous generations. Next, we are going to read more FAQs about NBA 2K22!


    FAQ for NBA 2K22
    Q: When will NBA 2K22 be released?
    A: NBA 2k22, as well as Cheap MT 2K22, will be released in all regions on September 10, 2021.


    Q: Which versions will be available this year? 

    A: There will be three versions of NBA 2k22, namely the Standard Version, the cross-generation digital packaging, and the NBA 75th anniversary version. For more information on the various versions, please see the pre-order page.


    Q: Where can I purchase NBA 2k22?
    A: NBA 2k22 will host Playstation in this generation ® 5 / available on Xbox series x|s, the corresponding pre era platform is PlayStation ® 4PlayStation ® 4 ProXbox OneXbox One XNintendo SwitchSteam(PC).


    Q: Is there a cross-version progress or cross-platform game between different versions of NBA 2K22 or modes?
    A: Cross-platform games cannot be played between different hosts and PCs. However, the progress of different generations of dream teams on the same series console can be shared across versions (for example, Xbox one x|s, PlayStation ® 4 x|s, and PlayStation ® 5 x|s).


    Q: Do you have any plans to port the next generation NBA 2K to the PC and then switch back in the future?
    A: This is what the team is all about. They will continue to look into the possibility of producing this series in the future. For the time being, our primary focus is on making NBA2king 2K22 MTcompatible with the new host (Playstation ® 5). The Xbox series x|s) is optimized while maintaining the freshness and innovation of game experiences on other platforms.


    Q: What are the differences between the pre-purchase rights for the various versions of NBA 2k22 this year?
    A: There are three global pre-purchase rights, which include virtual currency, brilliant career, and dream team content. Players can also learn more about pre-order rewards by visiting local retailers. Please see the pre-order page for more information on making a reservation.


    Q: What is the mode of operation for this year's NBA 2k22?
    A: Players who purchase cross-generation digital bundles will receive a cross-generation PlayStation ® or NBA 2k22, a dual version of the Xbox Console family. Sony Playstation ® For example, you will receive both a PlayStation ® 4 and a Playstation ® 5 version of MT 2K22, though the two are still distinct products. For more information on the various versions, please see the pre-order page.

    Q: Will the cover stars for NBA 2k22 on the PS4 and Xbox One be different than those for NBA 2k21?
    A: No. The athletes on this year's cover are the same across all platforms, and there are special covers for specific regions and retail. Please see the pre-order page for more information on the differences between the different versions.

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