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Why some advertisers do not use aluminum stage truss


    Why some advertisers do not use aluminum stage truss

    Aluminum stage truss, is a necessary activity equipment for modern activities, is also one of the necessary advertising equipment for advertisers of all sizes, from aluminum stage truss to activity tents to temporary exhibition booths, aluminum stage truss can be said to be ubiquitous! However, the ubiquitous lighting rack, not all lighting rack manufacturers in the mouth of the "aluminum stage truss". On the contrary, some of the commercial activities site "lighting rack" is not aluminum stage truss, quite incomprehensible.

    Such as galvanized trusses to build lighting rack, not uncommon in the market, more common in small and medium-sized activities on-site, such as sales department small house viewing, super temporary promotion will.

    Not the aluminum alloy lighting frame, the load-bearing capacity is reliable? Not aluminum lighting rack, rust and corrosion resistance? All these kinds of things seem to tell advertisers to choose aluminum lighting rack, there are still advertisers do not think so, are they wrong? No, they are not wrong.

    In the case of relatively abundant activity budget, which advertiser is willing to choose galvanized truss as a temporary lighting rack, stage lights fall down and hit people how to do?

    "Doing great things with little money" is not only the philosophy of the workplace, but also the business profit. To be honest, no event budget is sufficient, and this is revealed in the daily sales of Hefei Decoration Metal Products. Most of the customers in the purchase of lighting rack will be the price, and is habitual behavior, any aluminum stage truss manufacturers how to say: "good after-sales service" "special car delivery" ... . ... completely ignored.

    Do they only look at the price, only know the price? No, they also have a hard time!

    Shizhan Group is also well aware of this, and has been strictly checking the quality of products, and the distribution process also follows the principle of priority of special vehicles, striving to make customers satisfied, so that customers can rest assured, so as to reduce customer concerns and help them to reduce a little bit of difficulty!