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How to use aluminum stage barrier on construction site?


    How to use aluminum stage barrier on construction site?

    How to use aluminum stage barrier in construction sites? However, Shizhan Group is only responsible for the production and sales of products, and is not involved in specific application scenarios, so it is not easy to answer such questions!

    The answer to the question "How to use aluminum stage barrier on construction site" is "Put down the Barrier leg and hang the hook." This answer seems reasonable, however, does not solve the customer's question: I ask you the specific application, you answer me how to use the barrier, this is not a bull's lip is not the horse's mouth?

    To be honest, when I first contacted aluminum stage barrier, I also had the same question: How can the use of the product be the same as the specific environment? And after a period of time, deepen the understanding of aluminum stage barrier, found the answer is so simple!

    Because aluminum stage barrier unlike traffic barrier, and what base. aluminum stage barrier style is very simple, as follows, the main body + barrier legs, put down the barrier legs, on the line. As for the stability of the aluminum stage barrier, barrier leg span between 40-50 cm, the pipe using the national standard wall thickness of 1.1mm-1.4mm optional high-quality galvanized pipe, sufficient load-bearing capacity, but also fully applicable to a variety of environments.