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RSVSR Guide to Farm and Collect New World Coins

  • This guide will tell you everything about how to farm New World Coins in New World MMORPG. Having enough money is essential in all multiplayer games because you can purchase new gear, upgrades and other beneficial stuff. You become stronger and can progress much easier.

    Craft Items that Sells for a Lot of Gold

    While this method of farming gold assures a large sum at one go and you can do it infinitely, it’s impossible at the start of the game. As you start the game, you won’t be able to craft anything valuable. However, as you progress through the game and level up the Crafting skill, you will be able to create better items that sell for a lot more. Leveling up the crafting profession can take some time, but can be paced if you have others in a guild helping you. Negotiate a deal to help each other out with the resources.


    Questing in an MMO is the most basic way of making an income. New World’s quests range from:

    Side quests

    Town projects

    Faction quests

    All of these quests give about the same coins and experience, so choose either that you prefer. Using this as your only means of coins income would be inefficient. Instead, use questing as a guide for zones to farm in so that you can complete missions while gathering resources.

    Using glitches and Bugs

    Every new game has bugs and sometimes these bugs may allow getting a lot of money fast. We don’t recommend using any money glitches because this puts your account at risk. You may be suddenly banned forever and all your progress will disappear. Sooner or later all the bugs will be found and players who had used them will be banned.

    Resource Gathering

    New World is filled with gathering nodes where you can collect resources and sell them to the vendors. Ensure the resource you embark on collecting has existing demand that will earn you more coins.

    Some of the resources you can gather include:



    Primary stones

    Resource gathering is a sure way to earn you extra coins as the players will be looking to upgrade their items to empower themselves.

    As you venture out, you could go for the low-level and mid-level resources that are easy to find, though their returns are lower. Then, as you progress, go for the rare resources that are a treasure to find as they attract a higher value.

    Finally, Buying the New World Coins

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