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The experience of playing Classic WoW and then seeing

  • I think that most people want an old-fashioned plus. Most people believe activision does WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold not have the resources and ability to implement the classic plus. Also, I can't imagine Activision investing millions of dollars in order to develop the classic plus. It's basically saying that everything beyond vanilla was a waste. Management should not accept the L and admit that they do not have the skills to create the best mo. If they were smart they'd announce classic plus tomorrow , and employ kevin jordan.

    SoM is so weird since everyone has many problems and wants to make changes, however, this is the type of debate that caused the collapse of WoW (noobs asking for dualspec or grinding removed, faster the process of leveling). It is not possible to continue catering to players who want to play the game more than they want to, and neither can we be sure of activision who dont know the mmos story anymore. It is time to hire more developers and get rid of the ion.

    Personally, I would like vanilla to remain the same and left to its own devices. It's definitely one of the most enjoyable games to ever be created and any modifications to it could make it less enjoyable.

    they wont do classic plus , since retail is still a thing,if project titan had been successful at its original goals, warcraft would have been over a decade old and we would be playing wow's successor, since that's what overwatch was essentially going to be.

    However, they will not do an "classic plus" without putting retail to bed,because doing unique ideas to separate mmo's would be too much chaos

    With people playing other games, it's almost like they're getting revelations that TBC and beyond is different or is a different flavor, something more or less the same in comparison to retail. it's all the same things however, with different grouping tools and transport, as well as distinct XP bars.

    The experience of playing Classic WoW and then seeing what Blizzard came up with to create honey-to-do chores to keep people playing in Burning Crusade with rep farming and heroic dungeon grinds - to me , it proved that the game has been in a hamster's wheel for over two decades. I don't have any qualms about Activision they had been greedy all along and needed sub-goals.

    If you're not keen on this formula for a game I'm suggesting to you that perhaps you never liked it , but enjoyed the situation at the moment, such as the people you played with or activity you were involved in. It's also a good game strategy for some players. I've found that the treadmill blizzard was something I love regardless of the model, whether cheap WOW TBC Gold Diablo, Classic or retail. It's all about what it is, not what it's not.

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