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Bots as well as gold inflation and cost of consumption

  • It's difficult for me to get excited tbc after seeing the state of Burning Crusade Classic Gold play at present. game. I can only imagine the wrath of God. It's just a matter of time before we hear that you can purchase gold directly from them since it's much "safer" and also because it's something that people clearly are looking for. I hate everything they did to this game, retail and classic. They won't erase my memories of childhood playing the game, however they will not be able of taking that away.

    In a perfect world, blizzard would clamp down on third party gold selling websites and prohibit any player using these platforms. They would also not include their own currency for cash store like retail which they will inevitably do. Character boost is also a problem to the economy. While it doesn't help any profession, it provides players all the resources they require. Based on the evidence from botting issues however, it does not boost any professions. What can you do?

    They're just not financially able. It's not because they couldn't afford it. It's turned into a straight cash grab with more spoon feeding and handholding.

    SOM will face the same fate as classical due to insignificant changes. Their "first step" does not meet their standards. It's feasible to make small changes that take only minutes and that can produce significant modifications. This could lead to an experience that is unique. The simply answer is it's not a blizzard anymore. Therefore, the OP post of dissatisfaction is made.

    Bots as well as gold inflation and cost of consumption that is soul crushing. "Buffing bosses” doesn't necessarily involve more work, but more responsibilities to purchase more consumables. Players will be forced to the gdkps. Im not saying classic wasn't enjoyable but the game got much less fun with the addition of AQ and naxx

    Those were mega server problems. It was incredible to have an entire server that had 3.5k users. You don't have to pay for consumes if you farm the resources yourself. Inb4 has too many nodes. This is a massive server issue. Servers that have vanilla-like populations are not experiencing any problems.

    Which server? It didn't happen and I'm not suggesting that it didn't. It was just a little less than the majority of servers. I was on Bloodsail at the end of the game, however I was already on Thalnos as well as cheap WOW TBC Gold benediction and mankrik before that. Horde on mankrik. Alliance on the other three. Bloodsail was less troubled as compared to other servers. There were people who came to our server to buy up mats on the ah to sell to other servers.

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